ReMe, the Care app

The world’s leading Person-centred care, Activities and Companionship software, now available as a FREE app ….integrated with Alexa and part of ReMeLife
For care at home, the elderly, dementia, learning disabilities or cognitive impairment.
‘We’ve got carers and alarms. What next?’ Time to provide activities and emotional support
‘Won’t they find an app hard?’ ReMe’seasy to use
‘What will we need?’ Wifi, a tablet and a TV
‘Isn’t it expensive’? ReMe’s free. You pay for premium services
ReMe makes care fun

ReMe puts Activities at the heart of care

'Get me connected'

Care circle connectivity, remote support, medication/hydration alerts

'I'm not a number'

Family and carers get to know their likes, dislikes, habits and life story

'Help me find my stuff'

Music, photos and film library

'I forget things'

Scheduler, reminders and notes

'I hate buttons'

Using Voice makes it easy and fun

'I get bored and lonely'

Activities for companionship

'I want to be entertained'

Entertainment and therapeutic activities

'I want to connect with the kids'

Cross-generation and cultural engagement

'I want to use it everywhere'

Portable from one care provider to the next, integratable with other care systems

'I'm worried they'll scam me'

With secure storage, your data is only used with your consent

Features & Benefits


  • Remote access for family
  • Family care circle connectivity
  • Skype and secure messaging
  • Multi-platform usability
  • Alexa integrated

My Story

  • Build Life story in media
  • Remote My Story creation
  • Multi-media repository
  • Voice over recording
  • Hard copy print outs

Reminiscence & THERAPY

  • Discovery reminiscence
  • Cognitive stimulation therapy
  • Bespoke unlimited sessions
  • Live notes & recording
  • Reduce agitation in dementia


  • Hosts radio, TV and films
  • Create multi-media playlists
  • Schedule activities
  • Accessible by family remotely
  • Record notes and outcomes


  • Create music playlists
  • Music therapy
  • Hold music conversations
  • Attach notes & stores
  • Readymade playlists


  • Games, quizzes
  • Multi-cultural entertainment
  • Build your own games
  • Physical exercise videos
  • Yoya & meditation videos


  • Start my Day videos
  • Remote reminders
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Recipes
  • Key data storage


  • My Passport health module
  • Usable by all care providers
  • Wellbeing reporting
  • Integrates with care plans
  • Doctor & hospital access

Data security/ REMEVAULT

  • Secure data hosting
  • Data compliance
  • Avoid repeat data provision
  • Prevent exploitation of data
  • Integrate with software

ReMeLife, the Members Community

Gain rewards for caring, family and carer product discounts for participating and incentives for family engagement. The ReMeLife Token will change the way you treat healthcare
Learn more about ReMeLife Membership and how to purchase ReMC Tokens Visit the ReMeLife blog
‘’We need a care resource we can trust’’ It was great to find a place online with what I need’
‘Isn’t ReMeLife membership expensive?’ It’s free, in fact you’ll be given Tokens that can be immediately traded for family care discounted items.
‘What is a ReMC Token?’’ ‘The ReMeLife token has helped my family manage our healthcare needs so much more easily’

Features & Benefits

Trust & Identity

You want to be sure that your data is not being exploited for gain by others and that you and your families internet based healthcare activities are safe. ReMeLife’s blockchain solution is the ultimate in security.  


You know that your data is valuable and you either want to donate it for research purposes and/or wish to be paid for its use by other. ReMeLife puts you in control of your data.  


You and your family want to be able to shop for family and healthcare related items but want to be able to gain from the discounts, vouchers and coupons that being part of a large like-minded community can provide.  


You’d like the advice, support and feedback from a community that has the same needs and interests as you and wish to have access to them whether locally or globally, via the internet or in your local cafe.  


You want the best healthcare possible and want advice and support regarding what’s available from experts and want access to products that can make life easier and better for everyone, without having making mistakes.  


Care can be hard work and you, your family, carers and all those involved in you and your families care should be rewarded, whether just with a ‘thumbs up’, or with coupons, vouchers or tokens that can be used today or saved for use in the future. The ReMe token can be held in a secure wallet and grow over time in value.  
What if they just don’t like using a tablet.’

ReMe’s Alexa based care skills bring the power of Voice to Home care

What if we want to use other care systems as well.’

ReMe connects you and puts you in control of your data

ReMeVault holds personal information, content, preferences and makes it available to power other systems. You’ll never have to replicate data.

We want to be sure carers really get to know them, wherever they’re cared for’.

ReMe stays with you wherever you go

Stronger relationships

Every carer met along the care journey can, with your consent, use ReMe to really know the person and engage with entertaining activities to create a stronger bond.

Easier transfers

Moving from home to home can be upsetting. With familiar activities present in a new location, the transition is made easier.

Continuity of care

Admission and ward care are improved and resort to medication and wellbeing decline reduced by knowledge based patient engagement.
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What they say

Here’s some words from those who know ReMe

“RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when with them or when they’re away.” Derek

Living at home with dementia (Kensington Memory Group & ReMe focus group member)

“RemindMeCare has made such a difference to the people living here in such a short space of time… particularly helping us engage with people living with dementia.” CQC Inspector

Oaklands Care Home Report

“We’re working with ReMe to explore how advanced person centred care can positively impact on reducing agitation, enhance nurse: patient engagement, improve mental and physical wellbeing and reduce the need for anti-psychotic medication and facilitate earlier discharge. It’s early days but we do believe that tech solutions like ReMe have an important role to play in improving the patient pathway and patient experience for those living with dementia.” Olivia Frimpong

Service Improvement Lead Dementia and Delirium Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“We want to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of dementia care, and ReMe is helping us explore if tech such as ReMe  coupled with tablets and Alexa can assist in achieving improved engagement.” James Cook

MD, Chelsea Court Place, King's Road, London

“RemindMeCare’s packed with tools that really help both care and management. And it’s fun!.” Sue Hodder

Homelink Day Care Centre

“Improving person-centred care’s at the heart of reaching outstanding care – RemindMeCare assists do just that” Mandy Thorn, MBE

V. Chair National Care Association, owner of Marches Care Home

“ReMe enables wards improve person centred care and develop acute care strategies.” Carol Munt

Patient Partner R. Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust

“As well as celebrating a persons life, the portability of RemindMeCare is really, really useful for everyone.” Sam Mauger

CEO AgeUK London

“I have to say RemindMeCare’s brilliant – filling the gaps where there’s no other software available.” Ian Bradford

Owner, Greenview Home & DemFest

“In future in care, laughter, engagement and self esteem should be apparent. ReMe offers that potential.” Prof. Amina Memon

Professor of Psychology, UCL

“RemindMeCare has bought back so many fond memories of my childhood, it has even been inspiring at times.” Deirdre

Member of Chelsea & Westminster Memory Service

“Our memories are invaluable, defining who we are and how we connect with the world. With RemindMeCare anyone can easily capture and share them, whether music, images or words. And they’ll be there whenever we and our families need them. RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when I’m with them or when they are away.” Vince Cable

Leader of the Liberal Democrats & Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

“We use ReMe for activities that are really about the person, so we really get to know them. And they get to know us! ReMe’s really fun but also helps us keep track of change.” Lisa-Maria Ortiz

Lifestyle Coordinator, Signature Homes

“It’s good to see RemindMeCare widely available to all older people enabling them to build up memories in the system over time.” Margaret Dangoor

Carer of husband and MODEM dementia research project member

“We can use RemindMeCare with other clients also that do not have dementia – it’s fun for anyone!” Amanda Brinn

Activity Coordinator, Among Friends in Wallington

“ReMe gives a means to offer more to not only those we care for but also to the families, who can now participate in the care process remotely.” Rachael

Professional carer, At Home Link

“People ask, ‘How should I talk to someone with dementia’? RemindMeCare can be used to break the ice” Alison Wingfield

Manager Sam & Annie Cohen Centre

“RemindMeCare’s such a cost effective way to get carers using tablets to get to know service users” A. Asimeng-Cann

Manager, Median Road Day Centre

“Patients simply enjoy talking about their past…the unique profile created by ReMe makes the system a lot stronger than the other computer based systems that I have had experience with.” Prof. Stephane Duckett

Сlinical psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital

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