Connecting those that care

Our aim is to enable ReMe to be at the heart of connected care.

By creating a connected care circle around the person cared for, this will reduce loneliness and improve wellbeing.

And by enabling connectivity with carers, whether live in or domiciliary, and by assisting day care centres better know the life story, preferences and interests of their service user, ReMe aims to enable the transfer of knowledge about the person from one carer to another.

Access to a person’s Profile is granted only through invitation. The person, formal carers and/or the family always maintain control, with the right to remove individual carer access.

We’re working with leading organisations to enable this care model in a number of locations in the UK. Primary work is being undertaken with Kingston Hospital.

Using ReMe & Alexa together

We’ve built a number of Alexa care skills that enable voice activation of ReMe. By using an Amazon Echo it’s possible now to deliver remote care planning and support using an integrated calendar, and for the person cared for to be able to both respond to the spoken questions and statements made by Alexa, on the Echo, Dot or Show, and to respond back. Responses are reported and recorded.

Furthermore, as well as medication and hydration alerts, numerous activities and engagements can be undertaken using the ReMe and Alexa combination, making this means of care engagement even more convenient than the use of a tablet. That said, ReMe connects the two, the one activation the other when, for example presenting images or streamed photo content.

ReMe and Alexa make it possible to make calls directly via Alexa and using ReMe’s contact list, thereby providing a comprehensive communications tool, for use in both general communication and emergency support.

The key to the integration of ReMe and Alexa is that through ReMe’s library of ELR knowledge (Electronic Life Records) about the person cared for, Alexa is able to manifest actually ‘knowing the person’. This industry first achieves greater engagement and responsiveness, and increased reliability for requests such as medication and hydration alerts.

We will continue to launch new care skills regularly.

Keeping in touch

Communication can be made in many ways.
Sending new photos of family activities, skype, messaging or via Alexa.
Keeping in touch can be achieved quickly, easily and when you are on the go.

The Care Circle

All those in the care circle become part of the care process, being able to provide content, activities and support.


The calendar not only automatically records activities undertaken but is used to schedule activities. It can be combined with Alexa so that remote management of key activities and care needs can be programmed and activated voice engagement.

Messaging, Skype & Alexa

ReMe contains a built-in messaging and skype module so the user does not need to leave ReMe to get connected.