Let’s answer some of your questions

The following are some general questions that we’re often asked in relation to how to set up ReMe, how best to learn how to use ReMe, what it does, what you will need to be able to run the system and what can go wrong.

There’s information about peripherals, connecting to the TV.

Take a look at these Q&A’s, then of course please do contact us for further support.


Will ReMe assist in dementia care?
Yes, and it has the ability to be used in different ways for the varying stages and types of dementia. We really recomend some reading on the subject and suggest that you contact us so that we can more specifically direct and support you.
How can I get ReMe on my tablet to appear on my TV?
There are various options. You can simply use an HDMI cable for simplicity, or alternatively it can be connected wirelessly, using one of the following methods;

Google Chromecast – For step by step guide on how to use the Chromecast click here

Apple TV – For step by step guide on how to use the Apple TV click here

Amazon Firestick – For step by step guide on how to use the Amazon Firestick click here.

Or you can buy under set top boxes which you can google search to buy.

How secure is ReMe really?

ReMe’s security protocols have been built to the rigorous standards of leading care home groups and with the guidance of industry experts. Key points that assure our commitment and compliance are as follows:

The System

Only users granted permission have access to RemindMeCare through a password protected session player.
All staff at Health-Connected Ltd and our server provider comply with privacy and data protection laws.
Our servers are secure and monitored continuously.
Data is encrypted for storage and transmission. Our systems detects suspicious behaviour and abuse; systems are disabled immediately when abuse is detected and our protection systems are updated regularly to prevent unauthorised access.
Use and changes to data are logged to enable the user to see the information we hold about the person using RemindMeCare. Each user only has access to their own details.
We rigorously test our systems for security.
We will destroy records of sessions and information held about individual users on request.
We do not share personal information about individuals.
We may share anonymised data that has been amended to protect the identity of the users and carers. This anonymised data enables Health-Connected Ltd to provide reports on the overall interests of people with dementia and develop improvements and services that may be valuable.


We will always report allegations of abuse of a vulnerable person to social services and the police.
We maintain a record of the interests and preferences of people with dementia as a tool for activities and reminiscence in the interests of delivering therapies, care and support of the individual.
We undertake to respond to any complaints, concerns and questions about our security and safeguarding of individuals using our systems.
We ask users to create a secure password and to keep the password confidential. Users may only access information about the person with dementia for whom they have responsibility and should ensure that they have that person’s consent before giving any personal information to anyone else.

Safe Secure Access

ReMe provides formal care organisations with a means to safely share the knowledge that a person with dementia or their family have entrusted to them and features functionality to support safeguarding.
Information is never stored on a user’s device, being accessed from a central location, password protected and subject to stringent security measures. An administrator for each care organisation oversees a closed group of trusted carers and acts as the gatekeeper to the information that is collected through the ReMe activity.
ReMe is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and all matters relating to security, rights and protections are rigorously protected and appropriately administered. Learn more about RemindMeCare’s military-level encryption data security.


What references do you have?

We work with numerous organisations and businesses that have a pedigree that shines a good light on us; we’ve been incubated and supported by Cisco, University College London and the Digital Catapult (Innovate UK). We work with Prof. Dawn Brooker of Worcester University and the Association of Dementia Studies.

Have you received any recommendations?

We have numerous satisfied clients but in the care business sector, the Care Quality Commission in the UK are the leading regulatory body, and we’ve received highly positive reviews from them.

Here (page 15) is one such example taken from the Oaklands Care Home CQC review.

Another can be seen here  (bottom of page 18) for the S. Buckinghamshire Bluebird domiciliary care business.

A review of RemindMeCare in action at Kingston Hospital can be viewed here.

What compliance does ReMe have?

ReMe has ico approval, is configuring itself daily to meet GDPR compliance and is a electronic personal data (EPR) compliance tool for this new UK and EU legislaton, for many care businesses. ReMe has also gained G Cloud approval for the NHS.