Music & Media

Let the music play

Music is one of the most powerful stimulii, whether for bringing back memories, generating a mood or simply for a moment of pure joy.

Songs from the past are used in the therapeutic treatment of numerous conditions. ReMe makes it possible to use music in a broad variety of manners. It’s up to you how far you take it.

Whatever approach you use, you’ll have fun.


Whilst ReMe hosts readymade music playlists, it’s key strength is its ability to source music of any type, origin or culture. And to store it, capture associated memories and stories and to later replay it in an easy and fun manner.

Whether your families preference is temple chants, Indian Ghazals, Somalian folk dance or rock and roll, ReMe will host it and help you explore its potential.


Build playlists that you know will entertain and expand them as you use them. Add notes and stories to them.

Music conversations

When discussing music, play favourite tracks and collect them. Family in the care circle can be brought into the process of discovery.

Mood music

Collect music for every occassion. Favourite music that can bring peace and tranquility can be hosted in ReMe.