My Story

Being known

Everyone knows that knowing a bit about the person you’re engaging with makes it easier to communicate. It’s common sense. But in the care world that knowledge is hard to come by and, even when learnt, is even harder to make available to others.

That’s what we found through personal experience.

The person cared for begins to feel like a number and carers can begin to lose their human touch.


Making a Profile

It’s simply really. ReMe is a ‘living library’ where a person can build a store of the content that defines their memories, their life story, preferences and interests….. music, film, photos and TV shows.

ReMe builds a structured personal Profile by capturing the culture, experience and beliefs that make up an individual. Using the themes that are common to all our lives, school, children, jobs, holidays, a profile is built up by prompting users to describe specific aspects of their experience. And make this available to family, friends and carers.



Activity Based software

Everything that ReMe does is about activities and using them to better know the person and to engage them with others, and with a care process. Memories make us who we are and ReMe discovers and captures them.

Profile building

Knowledge of the person is gained from participation in activities and that is used to bespoke the activities, as more is learned and as interestes and preferences change. ReMe learns and becomes a friend.


ReMe provides a place to share, to find common interests, to act as a catalyst for engagement. From time shared comes understanding, interest and care. Shared interests cross generations and cultures and build relationships.