Secure & Portable Data

We’re all concerned about out data. Who is using it and for what? With ReMeVault you can relax. Nothing can be done with your data and personal information without your consent. It will not be used for marketing, by care providers or research unless you agree to it.

Whether you’re cared for at home and are considering providing access to your personal life story to carers or to a care organisation, or whether you are a family member with responsibility for the care of a loved one, you’ll be in control.

ReMeVault Powers your care choices


Wherever you are and whichever care providers have been invited to deliver support, you can make ReMe’s knowledge available to them.

ReMe has had CQC endorsements, is ico registered and has NHS hospital G Cloud approval, so can be used in all care sectors.


And if you want to use assistive technology and other software, you can make the data in ReMeVault accessible to power these systems.


Each country has its own data legislation, such as GDPR in the UK and Europe. But there are consistent standards to which all parties involved in the care process will want to comply with to ensure peace of mind and confidence in compliance. ReMe provides that reassurance.