Reminiscence & Therapy


ReMe’s Session Player presents a sequence of bespoke content for exploration. It can be used one to one with a carer or in a group with up to 8 users taking part in a session coordinated by a formal carer, such as in a day care centre or memory clinic.

Uniquely, ReMe enables live discovery of engaging content within a sessions, note taking, both written and spoken, and storytelling. And outcomes are automatically recorded, wellbeing quantified and family members updated of the activity.


Whilst a conversation is taking place, ReMe makes it possible to iillustrate it with multi-media content and record a voice over, document stories that are told and inform the family of this new discovery. These can then be used at a later date to continue the engagement and can also be used as part of a care plan if the content has been found to be valuable in achieving engagement and calm.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

ReMe contains quizzes and games that have been designed based on the work of leading CST experts, including by one of our team members, Lindsey Royan.

These can be played on a tablet or on a TV. They are fun but also can provide a measure of cognitive wellbeing.

Dementia, LD’s and CI

ReMe offers particularly effective means to engage with people with dementia, learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. With a means to record engagement, responses and outcomes, ReMe can be used as part of an acute care plan.

The design of ReMe has been based on the work of many leading experts in the field. Further information can be found here.

Person Centred Care

The heart of the person centred care strategy deployed by ReMe is based around the work of many leaders in the field and we have been supported by many such as Prof. Dawn Brooker and Lindsay Royan. But the key principles can be summarised by work of Tom Kitwood and which revolve around the key principles shown in this diagram.

Readymade Sessions

We provide new and entertaining sessions that also stimulate recall and conversation.

Create your own content

Families, carers and the person themselves can create multi-media mixed images and music to produce bespoke entertainment.


Themed playlists can be created that relate to a specific interest.